In collaboration with our strategic partner, Compuease, Priority Management Ottawa is pleased to offer our clients the best in technical training.  Training is available for individuals and teams with a variety of delivery formats including public workshops, on-site classes, and instructor-led virtual classes. 

For our federal government clients, we have a standing offer (#E60ZH-140001-019-ZH) in place for all public workshops and a supply arrangement (#E60ZH-140001-020-ZH) in place for all group training. This standing offer and supply arrangement extends to technical training provided by Compuease when booked through Priority Management. 

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SharePoint Training in Ottawa

Sharepoint Training

Our expert trainers are ready to get you comfortable using SharePoint right in your own environment.

These days organizations have two possible ways to get ahead of one another. One is by working harder and the other is by working smarter. Working harder doesn’t guarantee success, but working smarter always does. SharePoint is a superb solution to enable businesses like yours to work smarter by making use of Workflows and collaboration. Quite simply, it increases productivity.

SharePoint is a web-based project collaboration system that allows you to share information about a specific project, meeting and/or documents with other members of your department, project team, or other organizational structure, either on-site or off. It provides a secure place to store, organize, share and access information from almost any device. All you need is a web browser.


Do you want the benefits of accessing project information on a Microsoft SharePoint team site, or do you want to create and manage a site for your team? Or do you need to manage site collections and site components as an administrator? Well, our SharePoint training is just what you need. Learn how to best share and point to your team’s crucial information by signing up for our training classes today.


Our Microsoft SharePoint training courses will help you:

  • Enhance document management, saving you time and stress

  • Promote better collaboration between individual team members and also with those overseeing them

  • Greatly improve reporting abilities, thereby helping everyone keep their finger on the pulse of their projects

  • Save loads of time and money by automating many business processes

  • Learn how to integrate SharePoint services with existing tools, such as web browsers and other familiar Microsoft Office Suite products

  • Reach better-informed decisions by simplifying how your teams find and share information

  • And much more…


Our SharePoint classes are divided into two categories.  The SharePoint Foundation courses are for end-users who need to access documents or manage team sites. The Designer courses are for SharePoint designers, developers and site owners who want to create and customize SharePoint sites.

SharePoint 2013 Designer

SharePoint 2013 Site Administrator

SharePoint 2013 Site Owner

SharePoint 2013 Site User

SharePoint 2016 Advanced Site Owner with Workflow Administration

SharePoint 2016 Site Owner

SharePoint 2016 Site User

Our SharePoint Designer training classes are divided into 2 levels, and each class is two days in duration:

Level 1 - If you would like to customize the design of your SharePoint pages or add extra functionality to your site, this is the course you want. In our SharePoint Designer Level 1 course you will learn how to use SharePoint Designer's tools and features to create and customize your SharePoint sites, create and administer permission groups, and add and modify list and library views. You will use SharePoint Designer to create rich, highly visual web pages in SharePoint that connect, read, and even update information stored externally. You’ll learn how to enhance your team’s productivity by adding data sources and creating workflows and applications. You will gain the skills and knowledge you need to set up a new site and integrate your business data.

Level 2 - This is the course to take if you’d like to extend your SharePoint site's capability to include information from external data sources or make connections to Business Connectivity Services. You’ll learn how to enhance your user interface by creating custom Lists and Library forms and how to work with Data Form Web Parts. In this Level 2 course, you will also learn how to create and publish custom list workflows and how to use these features to enhance your site's user interface design and data utilization. This is where you will extend your knowledge of SharePoint Designer to build data-driven solutions, add workflow capabilities and enhance your user interface design.

Microsoft SharePoint can streamline so many of the processes involved in business projects that you’ll soon wonder how you ever functioned without it. Master its use here and now. If deployed appropriately, IT does not have to deal with updating content, defining account privileges or maintaining a document repository. Take care of all this on your own SharePoint website. Keep your projects safe and easily accessible to you and your team, while saving time and money. Or just learn how to access your company’s SharePoint sites and collaborate more efficiently with your team members. Take advantage of our SharePoint training today.