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In collaboration with our strategic partner, Compuease, Priority Management Ottawa is pleased to offer our clients the best in technical training.  Training is available for individuals and teams with a variety of delivery formats including public workshops, on-site classes, and instructor-led virtual classes. 

For our federal government clients, we have a standing offer (#E60ZH-140001-019-ZH) in place for all public workshops and a supply arrangement (#E60ZH-140001-020-ZH) in place for all group training. This standing offer and supply arrangement extends to technical training provided by Compuease when booked through Priority Management. 

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Visio Training in Ottawa

Visio Training

Our Visio classes are led by trainers with real-world experience using Visio in business and government environments. Our trainers are friendly, approachable and extremely helpful.

Visio is one of the best pieces of diagramming software available. It uses vector graphics to create diagrams and is useful in many areas. It’s not just about using diagrams as pictures; it’s about moving toward diagrams as semantic representations of your business.

Visio is an intelligent diagramming program. One of its more popular uses is to illustrate business processes. While empowering you to communicate in a visual manner, Visio also provides many features that make your diagrams more meaningful, flexible, and responsive to your needs. More than just something to photocopy, you can capture information in ways that are valuable for you and your business.

Visio makes diagramming simple—whether you want to quickly capture a flowchart that you brainstormed on a whiteboard, map an IT network, build an organizational chart, document a business process, or draw a floor plan, Visio is the tool for you. It’s also ideal for creating vector diagrams and electrical diagrams and offers tools to help you draw shapes, fill colour and add text, among other tasks.

Our Microsoft Visio training courses will help you:


  • Simplify complex information with professional diagrams you can create in just a few clicks

  • Create and monitor process performance diagrams and simplify process management

  • Map business processes faster by adding and aligning shapes easily and accurately

  • Save time by creating professional diagrams quickly with shapes, formatting options and tools

  • Learn how to use shapes, stencils, themes and effects to make creating professional diagrams easier

  • Link diagrams to dynamic data, making complex data understandable at a glance

  • Make your diagrams more dynamic by linking shapes to real-time data

  • Learn how to store, share, and reuse business process diagrams and sub-processes

  • Streamline data flows and dependencies between systems and optimize system tasks

  • Collaborate easily as a team on diagrams, enabling you to work together on the same diagram and easily see reviewer comments

  • And much more…


All our Visio training classes are taught in downtown Ottawa using our computerized training environment. You will have the use of your own in-class computer and have the opportunity to follow along with practical hands-on exercises that really sound down the skills learned.

Visio Level 1 (Basic)

Visio Level 2 (Advanced)

Creating Accessible Visio Diagrams

Our Visio training classes are divided into 2 levels:

Level 1 - If you want to get comfortable working with Visio files, creating basic diagrams and customizing your Visio environment, this is the course for you. It’s a great way to learn the basics, as you explore and then customize the Visio interface. You will also see how to customize the dynamic grid, static grid, and ruler, change snap & glue options, control the shapes pane and create and customize some basic connections. And of course, we’ll show you how to understand and customize the Visio interface to your liking. You’ll develop the ability to breathe life into your diagrams by creating, editing and formatting them using freeform shapes and text boxes. Learning how to polish up your diagram before viewing and printing the final product will give you the confidence to present what you’ve created to your colleagues.

Level 2 - Our advanced Level 2 course will really empower you to take simple diagrams to the next level. Acquire the proficiency you need in using containers, callouts, layers and more to annotate your diagrams with ease and clarity. Using Visio’s powerful research tools you’ll learn how to add those extra finishing touches. How to create and link new sub-processes and import and use rules are also featured, along with using swimlanes and separators. These sections allow you to start realizing the full potential of Visio’s ample feature set to create business diagrams that are rich, clear and pertinent to your business enterprise. Modern users are creating and maintaining more complex Visio diagrams than in the past, and for a wider range of diagram types, so our Level 2 course will also teach you about some extra things you can do with Visio. You will use My Shapes and Quick Shapes to create and edit master shapes and then add them to stencils. Since collaboration is so important in any business enterprise, we make sure you know how to review your diagrams using comments, markup tools and ink tools so that the entire team can be “on the same page”. How to add data to your graphics and link to external data are featured, as are creating and modifying pivot diagrams.

Microsoft Visio training is ideal for IT professionals, developers, and people in varied positions such as business process roles, human resources and administration, who need to interpret, update and share complex information about processes, infrastructure and applications. Whether you need to reorganize the desks in your office, express key company procedures in a diagram or communicate any other vital information via Visio, you’ll feel confident doing so after your class.

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